Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Singapore Mosquitoes and Other Daily Visitors

There was always much activity outside our apartment on the campus of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore where we lived for 8 months in 2013/14. I found it rather enjoyable to watch the comings and goings and to sketch the vehicles and people who came to do their regular chores.

Spray for Dengue Carrying Mosquitos
Every Wednesday a van from a pest control company parked outside and the driver then fired up a contraption with a huge roar. He then went on foot around the buildings carrying the contraption on his shoulder. It emitted a dense white cloud of strong smelling gas. This was spray to kill Dengue carrying mosquitoes and we would hastily close any open windows and bathroom doors. Despite 2013 being the worst epidemic since 2005 with 18,000 cases (and 6 deaths) recorded between January and October that year, in the 8 months we spent in Singapore I saw no more than 3 mosquitoes. Presumably the weekly spraying did it's job in our neighbourhood. 

View outside our window after the spraying.

Buses and Taxis
Much to our annoyance, travel coaches and taxis parked outside every day especially at lunch time. The drivers took themselves off to eat at the cheap student canteen just close by. 

Garbage Removal
A tiny garbage truck came daily and removed the contents of the tiny garbage bin outside our block of apartments. The bin was always overflowing. 

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