Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Went for a walk through the park near my home in April, on one of the few warm days since the winter. From the park you can look down into a ravine. Some trees had been cut down and I could see the stream quite clearly. Water was high from melting snow. Unfortunately I didn't last long sketching without my glove on (too cold!). Filled in the trees and added colour at home.

Good thing I made the most of the 2 warm days over Easter weekend as it turned frigid again soon after. This is a spot in our ravine which is tinged with sadness, it's where we scattered the ashes of our dogs Mitch and Tyler in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Tyler used to rush down the slope, jump into the stream and rush up again. Mitch just used to watch in disgust at her recklessness. They both had long lives and loved this ravine.

Still some patches of snow in the shaded areas (Easter weekend 2014).

This is looking across another part of the ravine to the houses in neighbouring Twin Brooks. The sketch before adding colour.

Added colour at home.

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