Saturday, 17 May 2014

Din Tai Fung

This is the view looking down from the floor above into a Chinese restaurant called Din Tai Fung in Jurong Point Mall, Singapore. It is just one of about 18 branches of this popular restaurant and is perhaps one of my favourite Chinese restaurants to eat at. It serves tapas type dishes akin to Yum Cha.

Every Din Tai Fung restaurant has an open kitchen with glass walls so that diners can see the preparation of food. Their signature dish is Xiao Long Bao (little dragon dumpling). Each dumpling is weighed so that each pork filled mouth watering morsel meets the requirement of 20.8 to 21.2 gms! Each dumpling is pleated with a minimum of 18 folds and twisted at the top before being steamed!

The open kitchen. 

We had a farewell lunch there with friends before returning to Canada. Here's some of what we had for lunch (clockwise) - Xiao Long Bao (in the steamer basket), Oriental Sweet Sour Salad and Kai Lan Greens (Chinese Kale). The yellow strands in the little plates is finely sliced ginger.

Din Tai Fung has branches around the world. For more on this restaurant and to see photos with a description of their dishes, see Din Tai Fung.

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