Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Jackson Power Gallery

Trying out my Noodler's Polar Brown ink at the May sketchmeet of Urban Sketchers Edmonton. The group went to Jackson Power Gallery to sketch. One of our sketchers, Marlena Wyman, had a solo exhibit "The Sisterhood of Longing" in two of the rooms there. She also curated a concurrent group exhibit "The Memory Rooms" featuring the work of 3 artists (Caitlin Sian Richards, Patrick Arès-Pilon and Mallory Gemmel) in the gallery. There was a brutal cold wind that day so it was a good idea to have chosen an indoor venue. In fact I had to call my spouse who was at home to bring my potted flowering plant indoors. I had heard on the car radio on the way to the sketchmeet that the temperature was falling below zero. This was May!

Seven of us adjourned for lunch at the Red Goose restaurant (a sort of vintage Canadian restaurant in the neighbourhood of Hazeldean). The owner is a very pleasant Korean guy who greeted every one who arrived and left with "Happy Day"!

Lamy Pens on Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. Colours were added at home.  

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  1. Beautiful sketches, Kathleen - you really captured the essence of the exhibit - and the restaurant! A small correction for a confusing situation: this was my solo exhibit,"The Sisterhood of Longing" in two of the rooms, for which I was accepted to show in the gallery. There were three more rooms so, with the permission of the gallery, I also curated a concurrent group exhibit "The Memory Rooms" with the work of the 3 artists in those 3 rooms. Jackson Power Gallery has such great space for this kind of project! Marlena Wyman