Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life on NTU Campus

The 8 months we spent living on campus at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, was a most positive experience except for having to cope with my phobia of house lizards. My spouse was teaching and I was sketching and reconnecting with family and old friends. I filled 3 sketchbooks, honed my skills and made many new sketcher friends from several countries. It is the enthusiasm of the members of Urban Sketchers Singapore (of which I became a part of) which has most helped in my development. 

Here are a few sketches done in the last 4 months of our stay.

Canteen Two, probably our most frequented canteen just a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Sunday mornings were very quiet, I guess students were still asleep. Faculty families often came for brunch.

A mynah bird flew into the canteen and proceeded to eat from an unattended plate of food. It flew out of the room through the automatic doors just before they closed (to great cheers from the breakfast crowd that day).

A view of the back of the Chinese Heritage Centre from the upmarket Artese Cafe. This was a pleasant place to sketch from during semester break when you could be assured of a table to sit at. My favourite drink there was iced wolfberry and red date tea.

A view looking down on the bus stop from Canteen Two. Faculty housing in the distance. There are 600 housing units for faculty families on campus. Faculty "families" are defined as including spouses, dependent children and parents. Makes for a nice mixed-age community on campus.  (Not forgetting the 10,000 students who live in dorms).

Palm trees next to Canteen B. An especially good place for Malay and Indian food. 

A view looking over part of campus from Canteen B. The President of NTU lived in a house at the top of the hill. 

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