Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Berwick Show 2019

Cows and bulls at the Berwick (Agricultural) Show, Victoria, Australia. Sketching people and animals in motion was an interesting challenge.

During judging, the handlers led their animals past the judges. When standing still, they continually scratched the bellies of the animals with a prod. This prod looked something like a golf club and the scratching keeps them quiet. The prod has a pointy tip to prod the feet of the animals to make them stand "correctly" for judging. The scratchy bit is a curved prong and some prods have a brush as well! 

Paint to one sketch was added soon after the judging finished when I found a chair to sit on in the food truck area.

Marker pens, watercolour, #MoleskineWatercolourAlbum, 5x8” .

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