Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mactaggart Sanctuary

We took a walk through some of MacTaggart Sanctuary today. It’s been awhile since we’d been there, not since our beloved dogs passed away. They loved this delightful area of natural forest right in the heart of the still developing neighbourhood of Riverbend in south Edmonton. The donation of this parcel of land to the City of Edmonton was made possible largely by local philanthropist Sandy MacTaggart who purchased the land from the original owner who wanted the land to remain untouched for the benefit of the public. Apparently this man lived in a shack insulated by newspapers and didn’t shower! 

Undulating ungroomed trails run through the sanctuary and skirt the Whitemud Creek that runs through it. The Wild Rose, official flower of the state (Alberta) was out in bloom.

The sanctuary is reached from busy 23 Avenue across a bridge named Smith Crossing. The bridge commemorates Robert and Elizabeth Smith who were early pioneers in the area. They did much to enhance the agricultural development and preservation of this creek area.

Unfortunately there was little shade and a very hot day so I only managed 2 very quick sketches and added the colours after I got home. Pity I forgot my camera.

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