Saturday, 20 June 2015

"Immense Mode" installation

Trying a slightly different style here (influenced by European illustrator and Urban Sketcher Miguel Herranz  after doing his "Stretching" course in Sketchbook Skool). This installation called "Immense Mode" is made up of thousands of carved, fired and glazed bricks that cover an armature designed by a team of engineers to support the 42,000 pound legs. It sits on a transit island at Southgate Transit Centre, Edmonton and never fails to attract my attention each time I go past.

The work is by Red Deer, Alberta artists Dawn Detarando and Brian McArthur. They carved and assembled the bricks in their Red Deer studio before numbering, firing and glazing each brick. The installation was then reassembled on site.

My sketch was done on location. Colours added at home. Photo was actually taken on a different day.

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