Thursday, 28 November 2019

Personal Spaces

I really love documentary drawing and recently had the opportunity to document the home of some family members. After living there for 23 years, their apartment was soon to be pulled down for re-development. 

I chose to do the project in a home-made concertina fold sketchbook (working on both sides). This way images could flow from one to the next (more or less moving through the apartment) and telling the story of a very personal space. 

The sketches and addition of watercolour were all done on location. I worked directly on the paper with ink with no preliminary pencil drawings. Embellishments and text were added later. 

I did little planning for this project and this resulted unfortunately with not enough space to achieve a nicer design on the last flap. I'd forgotten that this last flap forms the front page when the sketchbook is closed. Lesson learnt! 

I could have filled many more pages had there been more time. It was a nostalgic challenge as I knew this home well. 

#Fabriano hot press watercolour paper 5.5" x 30", #Sailorfude pen, De Artramentis document (waterproof) ink, watercolour. 

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