Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Opening of "Home of the Boyds - Harkaway and The Grange"

Waiting for the speeches to start at the opening of the art show “Home of the Boyds - Harkaway and The Grange”. Bunjil Place Gallery, Bunjil Place, Narre Warren, Australia.

Interestingly I learnt at the opening about an interview with Polly Boyd (daughter of the acclaimed artist Arthur Boyd whose works make up most of the show). The extended Boyd family (so many are known for their creative pursuits) lived at various periods in the family house The Grange which was located in the suburb of Narre Warren. The family always referred to the location as Harkaway (an area just a few miles away) only because Harkaway sounded more posh!

It was in the opening speech that I learnt that Narre Warren is also known in Aussie slang as Nazza Wazzer!

What an intriguing art show in a fabulous building!

Marker pens, #Moleskinesketchbook 3.5”x5.5”

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