Saturday, 2 September 2017

I'm a Sketchbook Artist

After attending several workshops in Singapore recently it's been good to take stock of the last 5 years. Conclusion – I'm an urban sketcher and sketchbook artist rather than a plein air painter. Here are some favourites since I started in 2012. Some are favourites because of the stories they tell or the memories they conjure up.

2012. A group of evangelists descended on me for the hour I spent sketching the corner of this quaint street near where we lived for 3 months in Taipei. This first el cheapo sketchbook served me well. In those early days I worked mainly just with black markers. 

2013. A sketch at Sydney Airport before embarking on the start of our 8 month stay in Singapore. The more time you have the more details get added. This was a longish wait. 

2014. Back in Edmonton, Canada and a sketch done with the Edmonton Urban Sketchers group at the University of Alberta. Watercolour before pen lines seemed to work well. 

2015. A snippet of a week in my life. One sketch done on each of the days.

2015. A record of our one bedroom apartment. Edmonton, Canada.

2015. This was our favourite fruit stall man at the weekly Century Park Market, Edmonton, Canada. He gave me a bag of peaches for sketching him.

2016. So nice to be part of USk Singapore again for the next 5 months. This was sketched in Chinatown at their first sketchmeet of 2016.  It was almost Chinese New Year and the festivities had begun.

2016.  Sketching moving performers was a challenge at the  Spring @Bukit Pasoh event with USk Singapore.

2017. So pleasant sketching at Emerald Lake Park in Victoria, Australia while squawking cockatoos circled overhead. Watercolour before pen allows more freedom. I'll have to try this more often. 

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