Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sketching at CHIJMES

Sketching at my old school CHIJ (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus) which has now been turned into a tourist precinct called CHIJMES. The old classrooms have been converted into trendy restaurants. Some of the old buildings of the school like the chapel and Caldwell House have been restored and gazetted as national monuments. 

Caldwell House was built in Singapore in 1840 for H.C. Caldwell a magistrate’s clerk. 

In 1854 it became the first convent quarters for nuns from the order of the Holy Infant Jesus who had arrived from France to set up a girls’ school. Over the years the convent became a premier school, orphanage and refuge for women.

Here is Caldwell House and the chapel (now popular for wedding receptions).

This is the passage between Caldwell House and the chapel.

I love the archways and the tiles along here. 

I still get a thrill walking through the brick red tiled courtyards and can almost hear the sound of white canvas Bata shoes as hoards of girls stomped up the spiral staircases after recess time.

When I was at school I never stepped into Caldwell House (were we even allowed to?). This was where the nuns did their reading, writing and sewing. I believe important visitors were also received there.

Click here for more on the history of CHIJMES.

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