Friday, 16 October 2015

Fall Colours

We’ve had particularly impressive golden colours on the deciduous trees this year. A storm 3 nights after I did this sketch stripped most of the trees. I guess I've left it too late to sketch more of the Fall colours.

While I was pacing around on the street deciding on the best vantage point to sketch from, a man stopped to ask if I was lost. He seemed nonplussed when I explained what I was doing.

This was the first time trying out my Handbook Journal (watercolour). Thumbs up for the paper – it takes pen and ink nicely and no buckling. Minimal see-through, I'll be able to use both sides. The whole journal feels light and a good size to hold when standing to sketch.

Pen and ink, watercolour, #HandbookJournal (watercolour) 5.25"x8.25".

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