Sunday, 19 October 2014


We sold our house recently and downsized into an apartment. It's something that most people our age think they *should* do but can't quite get round to doing. I like the way friends our age look at us in awe like we should get a medal for bravery. After 12 years in the house I had some mixed feelings about the move and my husband more so.  He likes to hang on to old possessions and we had to get rid of A LOT of "stuff" to achieve the move. We'll miss the spaciousness of the old house and in the Fall we'll miss the hay bales that get made from the cut grass in the meadow behind the house. 

But hey! No more creaky old house...and no more snow shovelling in winter! Yay!!!

Our old house.

Hay bales behind our house. A little tractor comes and mows and the contraption in it's rear compacts the dry grass into bales. It gets taken away and sold to farmers.

The meadow behind the house.

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