Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chendol and Ice Kachang

Among my favourite local desserts in Singapore are Chendol and Ice Kachang. The two are vaguely similar. 

For my Canadian friends you can try these 2 desserts in Richmond Public Market in Vancouver. 

Chendol is a dessert though you might call it a drink if it was served in a tall glass. The dish consists essentially of shaved ice, boiled sweetened red beans, worm-like green jelly "noodles" made from rice flour and pandan flavouring (from an aromatic leaf), fresh coconut milk and gula melaka (palm sugar). To this can be added a number of other ingredients, the most common being atapchi (immature fruit of the Nipah Palm). 

In a Chendol I had recently there was also tapioca balls (as is served in Bubble Tea), grass jelly and slivers of Jack Fruit.  

Red beans are said to be a Singapore and Malaysian addition and not included in the Indonesian dish. 

There seems to be some debate as to the origins of Chendol. A popular belief is that it originated from Indonesia and the name comes from the word "jendol" which means "bulge" or "bump" referring to the little green worm shaped jelly noodles. (I see Chendol is also the genus of a spineless eel which is native to South East Asia!). It is a popular dessert in Singapore, the Malaysian peninsular, Vietnam, Thailand and Mayanmar.

Ice Kachang on the other hand is basically the same but without the dominant coconut milk. It is always served in a bowl (never in a glass), drizzled with green pandan flavoured and red rose flavoured syrup and evaporated milk.
Must-have additions include creamed corn, jelly cubes and atapchi. It is thought to have originated in Malaysia but is popular all over South East Asia. As you eat, it all melts into a wonderful refreshing slurpee.

Traditionally the shaved ice was churned out by hand in a special machine. This dessert (like Chendol) used to only be served in roadside stalls and hawker centres, it has now taken it's place on the menus of cafes in international hotels.  

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